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My motivation and calling to run for Sheriff are not political - it is Constitutional, in that, we live by and are shielded by the Constitution of the United States and the original Constitution of North Carolina of 1776. I am a huge advocate of our 2nd Amendment rights and I will defend it at all costs. 




I will keep the School Resource Officer program at the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office. I was the first SRO hired in Buncombe County in 1995. I will make sure your Children are always safe. 



We will work the housing projects and attempt to rid our County of the drug dealers and users in these areas. 



As Sheriff I will clean up the Heroin Camps and prohibit them from setting up tents and camping on our streets and property. 



 Under my command we will not discriminate against anyone, and all will be treated equal no matter what your race, ethnicity, gender, gender Identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability, or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin and political beliefs.



 The Sheriff’s Office will be professional; we will investigate all complaints from the public and make all the reports in person and not over the phone.


I will be out in the communities working with my Deputies and I will know what is going on in our county.


I will uphold, defend and protect your Constitutional rights.


I am an advocate for our 2nd Amendment rights and will attempt to make our county a second Amendment sanctuary county.


I will work with I.C.E. and house their inmates. I’m running as a Constitutional Sheriff, and I will protect your Freedom and Liberty from the U.S. Government and State Government. 

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